Yakforms is free software, open to contribution and suggestion.

To do that, we share thoughts on the Framacolibri section, be it enhancement, bug reports, ideas for new features, mutual help using the software, etc.

Anyone is welcome to open a topic.

Contribute without coding

Here is a list of tasks that are very helpful and don't necessitate technical knowledge :

Contributing code

If you have technical knowledge, you can also contribute to the code.

Yakforms makes use of Drupal 7, the famous tried-and-tested open-source CMS, using a lot of its core feature and modules, along with custom features. Contributing to Yakforms' code means developping Drupal 7 modules.

Here's a few ways you can help :

  • Working on an open issue : for your first contribution to Yakforms, you can start by tackling 🤏 easy-labelled issues, which are very helpful and perfect to get started. You can also participate to the open discussions below issues, all opinions are welcome.
  • Writing tests : as a Drupal-based site, Yakforms can make use of the native function testing framework. Developing those tests allow for a more rigorous development process. Try to isolate one feature and create a test around it.

If something seems to be missing on this site, you can also edit it here.

Code of Conduct

All contribution spaces should be inclusive, open and welcoming to everyone. We ask of anyone wanting to contribute to Yakforms to follow these guidelines :

  • Remain patient and polite.
  • Oppose and report any form of discrimination against minorities, be it racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist or other.
  • Avoid "techbro"-like postures : having technical abilities doesn't mean you're right about everything, nor that you should be the one to decide on every topic.

The community around Yakforms is still recent, and the code of conduct has to be discussed. Join the discussion by opening a topic in the forum.